What influences the diversity of the Indian cuisine

India is an amazing country where there is a different experience waiting for you at every turn. Every state you go to, you’ll experience a new culture, different traditions, eating habits and different cuisines. For instance, in East India, you will see a wide variety of fish and various meats, while in some states in the West of the country, the cuisine is strictly vegetarian. Interestingly, almost every single state has its own starters, items for the main course, desserts and snacks. Today, you can enjoy the best of Indian cuisine at Indian restaurants in Pakuranga.

Indian restaurants in PakurangaMulticulturalism is one of India’s greatest strengths. It has led to the developments of various culinary styles over the years which have prompted the native food industry to grow considerably. Today, there are many famous Indian food companies such as Dabur, Mother Dairy, Amul, Hindustan Lever, Mahashian di Haddi and many more. Today, the products of these companies are famous not just in India itself, but throughout the world as well. For instance, Mahashian di Haddi or MDH offers packed traditional Indian spices which are now available in foreign markets like the USA and in Europe.

Over the centuries, India has been invaded by many foreign invaders one after another. Since the ancient times, the Sakas and Kushanas invaded, while it was invaded by the Muslims in the medieval age. After that, the land was once more invaded and occupied, this time by the British. The culinary influence of the Aryans, the Buddhists, the Persians, ancient foreign invaders like the Sakas, the Greeks and Kushanas, Arabs, Muslims, Mongol or Mughal, Chinese, and the European powers influenced the cuisine of the country considerably.

India can broadly be divided into North, South, East and West. The land astonishes foreigners because they find a different cuisine in almost every single state. Even if one moves from one region or province to another, the food habits are different. This is something which is not something that is seen in most countries. In every region, you will see different sweets, either vegetarian or non-vegetarian item, beverages, chutneys, snacks and pickles.

Indian food is so loved around the world that it is not only tasty but also very healthy. For instance, South Indian cuisine is especially healthy. Traditional foods prepared during festivals are healthy as well. You can enjoy the best of Indian cuisine at Indian restaurants in Pakuranga.

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