Eating Is An Art, So Be An Artist While Eating Out To Not Gain Weight

A widening waistline is a matter of concern and surely a nightmare when your wedding day is nearby. The habit of eating out is perceived to be a common reason and we easily blame restaurant food. But how far is this true? Experts say that eating out on a regular basis could be one of the many reasons to make you fat, but not the sole reason. So if your heart craves for a visit to an Indian restaurant in Pakuranga, for a taste of your land, do not hold yourself. Be there whenever you want, eat what you like but watch your eating habits. Health and wellness experts have observed that how you eat is more important to mind, than what you eat to check your tendency to gain weight while eating out, quite often.

Indian restaurant in Pakuranga

Tips To Eat Your Heart Out And Not Gain Weight

The concern for becoming fat keeps us pre-occupied and we do not enjoy the food we eat. You may gain weight even when you are on a strict dietary schedule. Health and wellness experts around the world have discovered that eating is an art and eating the right way can practically help you maintain your weight while you enjoy restaurant foods.

  • The place: You cannot just eat anywhere and expect to be healthy. The surrounding environment where you eat is very important because eating is a type of meditation. You need to really connect with the food when you eat. So, ideally, you must eat your meal at a place where you can rest while eating and this aids in digestion as well.
  • The pace: Usually we have no time for our food, so most of us eat in a hurry. This is a major cause of indigestion. The secret to better digestion is to slow down. Allow your brain cells enough time to get activated while you eat, to feel the taste and make it an experience. You must take your time to chew your food in a better way. This is very effective for better digestion.
  • The feel: Eating is not just an activity. It is an experience in a true sense. So why not allow all your senses to experience the magic of the food. Enjoy your food with your eyes – color, presentation and similar elements that appeal to your eyes; nose – allow the aroma of the food fill up with happiness, this makes you eager for the food and prepares all your organs for the act; tongue – this is the ultimate sensory organ which comes under the direct influence of food. You savor the taste which is why chefs churn out the best dish. When your skin comes in contact with the food, while holding it, the feel of the food adds up to the experience.

Why deprive yourself of the happiness and joy of the delicacies served at Indian restaurants in Pakuranga, when you know how to eat out and not get fat?  

Surprising Health Benefits Of Indian Spices

The diversity of India reflects on its food as well. Indian cuisine has taken the world by storm with its exotic taste and enigmatic aroma. The secret behind the taste of Indian food is commonly perceived to be the use of different spices; there’s more to it. Use of exotic spices is definitely one of the reasons which result in delectable Indian dishes while there are other reasons as well, that adds to the end result of such distinguishable taste of Indian food.  Some of the Indian restaurants in Highland Park are a treasure island for foodies seeking great food adventure.  Interestingly, spices used in Indian cuisine don’t only make the food taste great but also come with multiple health benefits.

Indian restaurants in Pakuranga

Health Benefits Of Different Indian Spices

Besides adding their unique taste to the dishes, varied Indian spices are loaded with multiple health benefits which play a key role in making you healthier. Let’s take a look at some popular Indian spices and how they bless our health.

  • Turmeric: This is one of the most common Indian spices used in traditional Indian dishes. Surprisingly, turmeric is an effective cure for a number of illnesses and a preferred remedy for many. Turmeric is a great ingredient to boost your immunity and detoxify your blood. Having the varying amount of turmeric in your regular diet can effectively treat stomach bloating, intestinal gas, loss of appetite, cure heartburn; diarrhea and can even treat arthritis. Health experts have also found evidence of the benefits of turmeric for treating skin issues and even curing infected wounds.
  • Cardamom: It emanates a beautiful aroma to the dish it is added. Besides the indulging aroma, cardamom has been found to have properties to cure a number of digestive issues like bloating, heartburn, loss of appetite and even treat your bad breath.
  • Black pepper: The high flavor of this spice is most favored for enhancing the taste of a dish. However, you can use this spice to treat your health ailments as well. It is a commonly used remedy for helping you with digestion, congestion, a disturbed stomach and a number of other health conditions.
  • Cinnamon: This spice is highly revered for its acute taste and unique aroma that heightens the flavor of any dish. Besides being a chef’s favorite, cinnamon also enjoys the trust of health experts as well. It is widely believed to regulate the treatment of Type 2 diabetes by enhancing the activity of insulin in an individual’s body.

There are quite a good number of Indian restaurants in Pakuranga that offer you the best of Indian delicacies, far away from the land of diversities, vibrant culture and exotic food.